9 Top Senior Discounts and Benefits Many Forget to Claim (May 2019)

Seniors have a lot more benefits and programs available to them outside of just restaurants. Many overlook some of the greatest benefits and programs available just for seniors. Unfortunately many people 55+ are missing out entirely, simply because they don't know these programs exist.

We've put together a list of personal disounts and benefits for 2019 that both we, and our senior friends have used recently.

Please keep in mind that some of these discounts are only available online, and may not be available for very long. For that reason, we recommend our readers claim their benefits to start saving right away!

#1 - Government’s “New HARP” Program Offers Up To $3,120 per year ($260 per month) Mortgage Reduction, You Can Check If You Qualify In 60 Seconds.

If you're a homeowner, this one thing could save yourself thousands of dollars this year...

Congress recently passed a new government program called the Freddie Mac Enhanced Relief Refinance (FMERR) initiative. This program is designed to help the average American homeowner reduce their payments by an average of $3,120/year (or $260/month).

There's no telling when the program could expire, so it's suggested that homeowners visit the free Enhanced Relief Savings website to check their eligibility right away.

So while the banks happily wait for this program to end, the Government is making a final push and urging homeowners to take advantage. This program is currently active but could be shut down at any given time. The good news is that once you're in, you're in.

So if reducing your payments by $260/month, paying off your mortgage faster, or even taking some cash out would help you, it's important to check your eligibility here. Checking your eligibility is quick and completely free!

Check My Eligibility

#2 - 50% Off Neckked™ NeuroStim For Neck Pain Sufferers

Suffer from constant Neck Pain? Look no further with our NeuroStim Impulse Neck Massager to give you the Relief you have been searching for! Very easy to use, giving those aches and pains a thing of the past.

This is another highly-recommended brand that has allowed us to offer our readers a 50% discount for the month of May. To obtain the 50% discount, you must use code decide50 at checkout. Click here to see if this device is for you..

Relieve My Neck Pain

#3 - Seniors 55 and Older Get $1,000,000 Tax-Free Life Insurance

Unfortunately with every year you age your insurance premium amount rises 8-10%. For some, rising life insurance policy costs can add up significantly. And what's worse is the fact that many have a hard time qualifying for new policies altogether once they reach a certain age.

Fortunately though, there is a way to get a very cheap life insurance policy. You need to compare quotes from multiple insurance companies. This amazing website will let you do that and the best part it is totally free! They will run your information through their technology to automatically find the best life insurance policies available for a much much lower price. You could end up saving up to 70% on life insurance!

No medical check and instant approval policies are also available. Click here to see available plans.

Save on Life Insurance

#4 - Discounts at America's Favorite Retailers & Grocery Stores

Senior discounts don't just stop at restaurants and life insurance. Enjoy your new found discounts at some of your favorite retailers. We've put together our special list for 2019 where seniors can save at some of our favorite places.

Keep in mind that deals may vary at participating locations and can change without notice.

  • Kroger: 5% discount Tuesdays and Thursdays (55+)
  • Hy-Vee: depending on location will usually offer 5% discount on Tuesdays and Wednesdays (some stores set age to 65+)
  • Publix: 10% senior discount on the first Tuesday of every month
  • HEB: 10% discount every Wednesday
  • Fred Meyer: 10% discount in participating locations, get in touch with your local store to find out more
  • Kohl's: varying discounts at participating locations (inquire)
  • Fry's Food: 10% discount on the first Wednesday of every month to all seniors with VIP card.

#5 - Make Bathing Safer With A Walk-in Tub!

Walk in tub and showers have become the “in” thing in home improvement today. Apparently, these special tubs are the safest and most luxurious tubs today for the modern bathroom. It is undeniable that walk-in tubs are definitely worth investing for. These tubs were designed with seniors in mind. If you have any mobility issues you need to learn more about walk in tubs. Click to find out more information and discover the huge discounts being offered by walk in tub manufacturers.

Set up an Appointment with a Walk-in Tub Specialist For a Free In-Home Consultation & Price Quote!

Get Free Quote

#6 - Senior Discounts on Car Insurance

Did you know that depending on your age and other factors you could get a huge discount on car insurance? Recent studies indicate that only 5% of American drivers over the age of 55 are paying less than $63 per month for car insurance. That is probably because they are not taking advantage of the multiple discounts available to them.

Click here to see if you qualify to save $400+ on car insurance

See My New Rate

#7 - 50% Off Neckked™ Shiatsu Massager to Relieve Neck & Back Pain Instantly

Do you always feel tired, stressed and have neck and shoulder pain?

See why people are giving this back pain and tension home massager “⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐”!

The Neckked Shiatsu Massager sends heat waves and uses shiatsu massage techniques (an eastern technique that combines massage with acupuncture pressure points ) in your neck, shoulders, and back. It will relieve your pain and make you feel relaxed.

Just like the neck massager above, this brand that has allowed us to offer our readers a 50% discount for the month of May. To obtain the 50% discount, you must use code decide50 at checkout. Click here to see if this device is for you..

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#8 - You May Never Pay Out-of-Pocket for Home Repairs Again

Unexpected home repairs can be catastrophic to the finances of seniors on a fixed monthly budget. Unfortunately home insurance will not cover the refrigerator, stove or washing machine breaking down unexpectedly. Same goes for your heater in the winter or AC unit in the summer. If any of these items break, it can run hundreds or even thousands of dollars.

This is why so many homeowners have taken such an interest in this Home Warranty Program that supplements homeowners insurance. It can end up saving thousands by protecting unexpected home repairs. The AC, furnace, appliances, roofing repairs – they may all be covered! If there's something they can't fix, they may just replace it!

Click to Learn More

#9 - Discounts at America's Favorite Restaurants

Not everyone feels like cooking. We curated some of the top restaurant discounts in the nation to make your choice easier. Check back weekly for updates!

Keep in mind that deals may vary at participating locations and can change without notice.

  • Applebee's: Senior discount 10%-15% off varies by location (Inquire)
  • Arby's: 10% discount on purchase depending on location (60+)
  • McDonald’s: discounts on coffee and beverages (55+)
  • Ben & Jerry's : 10% off for Seniors
  • IHOP: 10% discount (55+) and a menu for people aged 55 and over at participating locations
  • Denny’s: Offers a 55+ menu with smaller portions, and better prices. (We like this a lot!)
  • Carrows: Golden 55 Menu for breakfast, lunch and dinner
  • Subway: 10% off (60+) varies by location
  • Dairy Queen: 10% off for seniors (55+)
  • Long John Silver’s: 10% discount or discounted beverage (55+)

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